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    Squash-and-Merge 3.10.8 (#352) · 018f1f65
    Zeex authored
    * debug info for index tagmm warnings
    This commit makes the compiler display debug information for "index" tag mismatch warnings.
    * Fix #317
    * Partially revert #c325ca3e to strip spaces in strings again.
    * Redetect error 49, and make `deprecated` auto-insert spaces.
    * Allow line continuations in single-line comments only when they are followed by another comment:
    It is quite annoying to get an error for commenting out a define using:
    // #define LONG_MACRO\
    //             did span \
    //             multiple lines
    * v3.10.8
    * Remove multi-line comment test.
    * Fix test 217 again...
    * Yet again fixing the tests...
    * Cast error on mac.
    * Release 3.10.8
    * Sorry for messing up the commit history...  I'm trying to figure out releases.
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